Rachel Ana Dobken (drums, guitar, vocals, piano) studied jazz at Bard College. Her music is raw and honest with a stage presence so emotionally captivating that it's been compared to the likes of Janis Joplin and Jeff Buckley. The tunes exist somewhere between rock, soul, indie-alt., and jazz. Huge influences include: Paul Simon, Jeff Buckley, My Morning Jacket, King Krule meets Lady Lamb meets… well, you decide. 

In June of 2016 Rachel Ana Dobken released her debut EP Detach. It features Dobken (songwriter, producer, drums, guitar, vocals), Ryan MacLean (guitar, drums, vocals), Luke McCrosson (bass), and Sam Sherman (piano, B3 Hammond, vocals). They recorded everything in two days alongside engineer Kyle Joseph. 

Heavy Blog is Heavy writes: "Dobken blends an intoxicating concoction of jazzy soulfulness and indie rock janglyness that often calls to mind the earlier work of St. Vincent and the more recent output of Fiona Apple….It's the sound of someone who doesn't just have a pretty, vibrato-filled voice, but an actual soul behind it. Detach is equal parts heart, soul, and brain, presenting a formula that will surely serve her well for years to come.” 

It’s the sound of someone who doesn’t just have a pretty, vibrato-filled voice, but an actual soul behind it...
— Heavy Blog is Heavy

...quiet but assertive, spacious but filled with resonant moments…Dobken crafted a series of layered, conceptually fascinating songs that often defy categorization.
— SomethingElse! Reviews
New York singer/songwriter Rachel Ana Dobken released ‘Ability to Memory’…a movingly raw love song. Over elegantly chimerical guitar work that would make Andrés Segovia smile…
— The Deli Magazine